Things to know before you buy

Why get a custom plate?

Your car is one of the biggest investments you'll make during your life so it's understandable that you'd like it to make it unique.

You might get a custom plate to be different or to give your car a finishing touch. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you create a plate you’ll love. Plus, you get the added bonus of knowing your purchase supports the development of Victorian road projects and safety initiatives.

Can I pre-order my plates?

You don’t need to put your plates on your vehicle straight away so you can order at any time. Some people purchase several sets of plates without ever attaching them. Some people don’t have a registered vehicle to attach them to. 

If you’ve bought a new car, you can also ask the dealer to organise for your car and new plates to be delivered together.

Designs, style and cost

What’s the cost and are they mine for life?

Our plates vary in price, depending on the product series.

Once you pay for your plate, it’s yours for life unless you decide to transfer or sell it. 

Trailer or Company Plates

Can I put my plates on any vehicle?

With the exception of a few types of commercial vehicles (eg. taxis, hire cars, and tow trucks), any vehicle or motorcycle registered in Victoria can display custom plates except those registered under the Club Permit Scheme.

Custom Plates cannot go on trailers or caravans.

Combinations and Availability

I can’t get the plate combo I want

Each of our custom plate styles have certain attributes that set it apart from others in the suite. So your desired combination may limit your choice of plate style - or vice versa. 

Also consider using a 1 instead of an I or a 5 instead of an S. If that doesn’t work, try a 3 in place of an E, or even a 4 as an A. This is the time to test your creativity!

Can my plate combo be recalled or rejected?

VicRoads can recall plates if they decide that they're offensive, are disrespectful to the law, are inappropriate for display or they've been sold by mistake. If this happens to you, a full refund will be issued or you can exchange your plates to the same value. 

Please note: the card payment fee is not refundable.

Here’s a few reasons why your plate might be rejected.

  • Inappropriate language, racial, religious, sexual, physical or mental health references
  • Poor road safety message
  • Reference to violence or terrorist organisations
  • Prohibited by "The Defence (Prohibited Words and Letters) Amendment Regulations 2000 and The War Precautions ACT Repeal ACT 1920"
  • Gives a misleading impression that a vehicle is owned or operated by a department or agency of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory
  • Reference to towing or the word "TOW".

Purchase & Delivery

When will I get my plates?

Due to ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic,  it may take up to four (4) weeks for your custom plate to arrive. Heritage plates are hand crafted and can take up to 16 weeks to arrive.

We're following the strictest hygiene policies to get your order safely to you. The majority of orders are still being delivered on time. However, due to ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic and increased demand at Australia Post, please allow an additional time for you order to arrive.

Australia Post will send you a confirmation email when your plates are on their way.

For any queries about your order, please contact [email protected] or 1300 660 417 (between 8:30am- 5:00pm on Monday to Friday).

My plates have arrived – what next?

Step one: Firstly, you’ll need to call us so we can make sure you’re registered and assign them to your vehicle.

If the plates are for someone else, you’ll need to fill out a Transfer of Rights form or if you hold an overseas license you’ll need to visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.

Step two: Once you’ve assigned your new plates, you’ll need to return your old ones to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

My plates are damaged, what do I do?

Call us. If they got damaged through the post, we'll happily replace your plates free of charge.

It’s against the law to intentionally damage, modify or deface plates.

Can I change or cancel my plate order?

If you want to change or cancel your plate order, you’ll need to call us before 12:00pm (noon) the following business day. If it’s after this time, you’ll need to pay a fee to have your plates cancelled or changed. This is to cover our administrative costs and will incur a card payment fee.

Returns & warranty

My plates are faulty, damaged or have been stolen

If your plates have been stolen, firstly you’ll need to report them to Victoria Police.

If your custom plates have been damaged through an accident or crash you can order some new ones for a fee. Just call us or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.

If your plates have arrived damaged or are faulty through no fault of your own (i.e. cracking or peeling) you may be eligible for replacement plates if they were purchased less than 7 years ago. Again, call us or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.

Here’s some info about faulty, damaged or stolen General Issue Plates.

After you buy

Can I take my plates off to keep, sell or transfer?

If you’d like to sell or transfer your custom plates, you’ll need to fill out a Transfer of Rights form so the plates don’t stay in your name. You’ll also need to replace them with General Issue plates which you can get by visiting a Customer Service Centre

If you’d like to keep your plates (but not on your vehicle), you'll need to call us to let us know and then store them securely. If you do decide to re-attach your plates, you’ll need to call us again to make sure your vehicle’s registered. An admin fee will apply to reattach your plates.

If you've grown tired of your plates and want to release your combo, you’ll need to return your plates to a Customer Service Centre. This way, you cannot be held responsible for their misuse.

Transferring plates between cars

We call this process reassignment. You'll just need to call us, pay an admin fee and provide us with a bit of info about your new car.

I sold my car with custom plates

If you sell your car with your custom plates still on it, unfortunately you’ll have lost your rights to those plates. So if you want to keep them you can then either sell your car unregistered, or apply for a new set of General Issue plates to sell with your car.

The fine print

All transactions incur a card payment fee and here’s our T&C’s – they’re important because they set out our legal obligations, and protect your rights as a consumer.